Freedom Bank Testimonials

A community bank that supports our local towns and neighborhoods by partnering, volunteering and servicing with organizations and individuals that make a positive difference.

Before meeting with Freedom Bank, I had not found a lender that truly understood the challenges of expanding a local small business. Freedom’s personal approach was not only refreshing, it was empowering.

Benito Rivero

Owner & Executive Chef

Casual Habana Restaurants


They’re supportive in all the right ways. They’re easy to contact. No pushy sales attitude and an appropriate follow through make Freedom the right choice for a community bank. They feel like community, which is important to us…being a local bank is key, and we look forward to the addition of more banks in the Northern NJ area.

Horses have a sense of group within them. They have each other’s back. Just like the way that Freedom has ours.

Dana Spett

Founder and Executive Director

Pony Power Therapies


I chose Freedom Bank because of the convenience of their location, and I’m impressed with the personal attention I receive. Whenever I need help, I call them and everything is good. 

Diamond Doctor


The Diamond Doctor


As a small business, I looked for a community bank that can help my financial well-being. Within the competitive field of small business banking, I found Freedom Bank in New Jersey through a community event about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Freedom’s customer service is so fresh. They know who you are and where you’re going. It’s as though you’re their only customer. With a client base in the 100’s, I can trust Freedom Bank with ensuring my finances are all in order and not something I have to worry about. Freedom is the ultimate in customer service.

Janelle Razzino


Razzino Associates, INC