Mobile Banking Best Practices

At Freedom Bank, your account and data security are important to us. We want to make it easy for you to safely bank from your personal mobile devices by providing tips and insight on security, safety and privacy.

Keeping your Mobile Device Safe and Secure:

  • Make sure your mobile device has the most recent software updates installed.
  • Avoid storing sensitive information such as passwords.
  • Activate the “time-out” or “auto-lock” feature to keep your device secure at all times.
  • Do not use a “Public” Wi-Fi to log into your Freedom Bank mobile app or access other sensitive sites ever.
  • Only visit websites with HTTPS encryption when in public places, as opposed to HTTP addresses.
  • Turn off the automatic Wi-Fi connectivity feature on your phone, so it won’t automatically seek out hotspots.
  • Never click on “Remember my Password,” you do not want to have your password stored for security purposes.
  • Be wary of unexpected text messages, even those that appear to come from Freedom Bank, asking you to follow links or provide personal information.

Our promise: We will NEVER ask you to provide any personal information through text messaging or emails. If you receive such a text message or email from us, please call us immediately to notify us as this is a common tactic known as “phishing.” If we need to update such information about you, we will contact you through more secure methods.

Late last night we advised that there was a fake Freedom Bank website, as of this morning it has been taken down. The fake, or otherwise known as "spoofed" website was an attempt to lure customers to provide their personal information. Rest assured, Freedom Bank’s website is secure and there have been no known compromises to our customers or customer information. Please be sure that when visiting Freedom Bank's website, that the web address matches one of the following: or