Social Media Best Practices

Freedom Bank believes the use of social media presents both opportunity and risk. We want to make our customers aware of important tips and recommendations everyone could use while using social media technologies.

  • You are accountable for your actions regarding what you write and post on social media networks
  • Use common sense and good judgement
  • Be accurate, honest and genuine, and take responsibility for your mistakes
  • Respect others in your posts and discussions
  • Be transparent
  • If you disagree, be appropriate and polite
  • Never represent yourself in a false or misleading way

Late last night we advised that there was a fake Freedom Bank website, as of this morning it has been taken down. The fake, or otherwise known as "spoofed" website was an attempt to lure customers to provide their personal information. Rest assured, Freedom Bank’s website is secure and there have been no known compromises to our customers or customer information. Please be sure that when visiting Freedom Bank's website, that the web address matches one of the following: or