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Certificates Of Deposit

A CD adds a valuable component to your savings plan. Freedom Bank has excellent savings options.

Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are one of the safest, easiest and most trusted solutions to savings.

That’s why Freedom Bank offers some of the highest CD rates in the northern NJ area. CDs are the perfect way to grow your money to save for the future. They work very simply! When you open a certificate of deposit, a CD, that dollar amount stays with the bank for an allocated time, and during that time, you receive interest. Different CD time periods offer different interest rates. Choose the one that is right for your savings plan.


When is the right time to buy a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?

Now is the best time to buy Certificates of Deposit because they are risk free and allow you to grow your savings now–not later! Open a Freedom Bank CD with as little as $500. You also have the same choice of CDs for an IRA account.

*Deposits must remain until maturity or a penalty for early withdrawal will apply

Open a Freedom Bank CD with as little as $500*.

Meet your specific financial goals with a choice of terms from 3 to 60 months.


Make the Move. Freedom Bank has CDs to match your savings goals within your time horizon.


What is a CD?

How do CDs work, what is a CD (Certificate of Deposit) and how to determine the CD interest rate and term that works best for you. Watch the video from Freedom Bank’s Money Education series to answer your investing basics questions about Certificates of Deposits.

Open a CD today

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