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Everybody wants or needs things — a new home, a vacation away from home, a new car, and so forth — but not everybody has the means on hand to fulfill their dreams.

Freedom Bank has the means in the form of a low-cost flexible loan at a competitive rate, fast approval, and with attentive, personal service. Whether you need a mortgage, home equity line of credit, a personal loan, or an auto loan, get in touch with us and see what Freedom Bank can do for you.

Mortgage Loans

  • Free Pre-qualifications
  • Adjustable and Fixed Rate Mortgages that can be tailored to your needs

Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Turn the equity in your home into instant cash
  • Use the money for virtually any purpose
  • Borrow up to 75% of the value of your home, less the value of any first mortgage
  • Borrowed funds may be tax deductible (talk to your accountant)
  • Variable-rate options
  • Access your Home Equity Credit Line by simply writing a check

Personal Loans

Secured loans at affordable rates and convenient terms.

Auto Loans

  • Find a bargain and drive it! Ask about our convenient terms for new and used vehicle.


For more information on these loans, contact a Loan Specialist today at 201-599-3000 or

S.A.F.E. Act: Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008

The S.A.F.E. Act established federal registration requirements for an individual who acts as a residential mortgage loan originator (MLO) and is employed by an agency regulated institution. The Registry assigns registered MLOs a unique identifier which consumers may use to access information about the MLO on the Registry's public website.

Please find below a listing of Freedom Bank's current mortgage loan originators and their unique identifiers.

Matthew Carcich MLO#698795
Diane Scriveri MLO#641642
Carlo Oropesa MLO#398165
Tara Hickson-Parks MLO#1108550
David Chudy MLO#1180005
Alejandra Pazmino MLO#1406056
Francisco Mayol MLO#780734
Michael Catania MLO#641644
Raymond Salerno MLO#901966
David Asman MLO#762457


In addition, Freedom Bank is registered and identified as follows:

Freedom Bank           NMLS# 499877


You may visit the Registry's website at: to obtain additional information.